Dementia Care and Support

If you have a friend or loved one living with dementia, our specialised and experienced Dementia and Alzheimer's Care Team can help provide you with peace of mind. We offer tailored support for your friend or loved one within the reassuring familiarity of home whilst facilitating a level of safe independence.

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Delighted with Mother's Live-In Care

We are delighted with the Live-in care that our mother receives in her home, due to her ongoing health difficulties.  The carers are patient, kind and very well-trained, and we feel that we can trust them completely with our mother’s care needs and medication.  The company can always be contacted easily, and respond and act very professionally in all circumstances.  They also go above and beyond what is required, so that our mother could go out for a special celebration. Having had the experience of using other care providers in the past, we would not hesitate in recommending Premier.

Dementia Care and Support Bristol

At Premier Homecare we understand whilst some symptoms are common in many people living with dementia, each person’s experience of the disease and how they cope with it will be unique to that individual.

When a person with dementia finds their memory and reasoning are declining, they’re likely to feel anxious, stressed and scared; naturally this can be very frustrating and upsetting for them. A person with dementia can be helped to feel more secure by creating a regular, safe, daily routine in a relaxed environment; one where they are encouraged and not criticised.

Involving the person with dementia in everyday tasks may help that person feel useful and improve their sense of self-worth, but we understand that as a person’s dementia progresses, these tasks may become more difficult for them to manage independently. Premier Homecare is on hand for just such a time to provide as little or as much additional support when the need arises.

In Safe Hands

In Safe Hands

Rated Outstanding by the Care Quality Commission we are a local, experienced, caring, friendly and dedicated team with a reputation in Bristol for providing care of the highest standards to our privately funded clients.

When assisting someone living with dementia, and of course, their family, we offer tailored support in a sensitive, gentle and non-critical manner. At Premier Homecare, we want to find out what is important to the person and their family – what makes them tick. By ensuring that we build up this level of detail about a person with dementia, we can enable them to feel that they are still very much valued.

Our approach

Here are some examples of our approach to caring for someone with dementia:

  • We’ll try to do things with the person, and not just do things for them

  • We’ll be very patient – giving them plenty of time, supporting and caring for the person with reassurance and encouragement

  • We’ll encourage the person to achieve small, manageable tasks. Thereby helping to raise their self-esteem, feeling of security and confidence

  • We’ll look for ways to make things a little easier for the person living with dementia. For example, for someone in the early stages of dementia we may look at using simple yet effective memory aids around the home

Many people with dementia will still enjoy hobbies or interests. Our carers are able to become involved in these whether it is accompanying a person on a walk or drive; providing companionship and interaction by listening to and talking about familiar music; participating in a familiar board game; looking through old family photographs; or visiting a familiar, well-loved place.

If the person with dementia was previously very sociable and outgoing, or if they have a large family, they may really enjoy visits at home from one or two family members or friends – we will be happy to help organise these visits and liaise with family and friends.

What we offer

Premier Homecare’s Dementia Care Team can:

  • Provide a safe environment for the person to continue to enjoy and manage everyday tasks

  • Encourage and facilitate good health and nutrition

  • Support with washing, bathing or showering

  • Support with incontinence issues

  • Support with dressing and personal grooming

  • Support with medication management and administration

  • Support and assist with domestic chores

  • Support and assist with bills or letters

  • Assists with preparation and assistance at meal times

  • Provide companionship and interaction

Importantly, we can also support those caring for someone with dementia. We recognise this role can be difficult and at times frustrating, as family members and friends try to come to terms with the effects dementia has on them. Having regular outside support from Premier Homecare to allow the carer of a person with dementia to take a break, whether this be a couple of hours a week or facilitating a short stay away, can help the family member retain a healthy life balance and often a more positive, enriching relationship with the person they are caring for.

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