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How has Covid-19 affected care employment in Bristol during 2020?

Insights from Premier Homecare on how care employment in Bristol has been affected by Covid-19 during 2020

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One of the questions we’ve been reviewing in recent weeks as Autumn is upon us has been “How has Covid-19 affected care employment in Bristol?”

Not all of the changes have been negative for care jobs and care workers in Bristol, and we’ve noticed a number of new applicants from different work sectors contacting us in recent weeks.

Covid-19 has forced a wider audience of people to consider care jobs in Bristol with our award-winning team, as many industries such as retail, tourism and hospitality have seen redundancies because of the pandemic.

This has led to more interest being shown for our care work in Bristol during 2020, as the demand for high-level quality care as well as Covid-safe care jobs in Bristol have steadily risen during the course of the year.

The care sector in Bristol is a progressive industry, and many people are seeing it as a more attractive employment option for 2020 and beyond.

During the various care recruitment drives Premier Homecare has conducted in 2020, the growing feedback from applicants is that they want to make a positive difference to peoples’ lives, and a career in care appeals to them.

We are also noticing many people who previously worked in retail, tourism, offices-based roles and hospitality are seeing similarities in their old jobs with the skillset required to work in care across Bristol.

Carers need to be sensitive, caring, kind and able to get a huge level of job satisfaction from positively impacting others’ lives.

We’ve also seen a number of new applicants for Bristol care work in 2020 who simply want to do more rewarding work, and to go home at night with a real sense of achievement and personal growth through working with others.

Many of our carers tell us that they also get a huge amount of personal and job satisfaction knowing that they are helping their community at this difficult time with the ongoing pandemic.

Premier Homecare provides a Covid-safe working environment, as well as providing all PPE required for care staff to work properly and safely.

We offer competitive benefits to all of our staff at Premier Homecare, including a guaranteed full-time salary, minimum of one-hour client visits, well-organised staff rotas, and all gaps between calls paid at the full hourly rate.

At Premier Homecare, we always pay our care staff for all of their time, including travel and not just for client contact time, at the advertised pay rate.

We can provide our care workers in Bristol with a structured and fully-supported career path, with industry-recognised training and ongoing support.

Some Premier Homecare care staff choose to work up through the ranks into a management or office-based position, whilst others choose to stay in care-based employment with us for a number of years. Full flexibility is offered for both.

We’ve been a leading independent, family-run and award-winning Bristol care company since February 2004 rated ‘Outstanding’ by the Care Quality Commission. We continually give all of our staff daily support and back-up from our Westbury-on-Trym and Stoke Bishop HQ’s whilst they are out on client visits.

Our superb internal Premier Pathways training programme offers career progression over time, as well as industry-recognised training, job security and longevity and structure in a career in care.

We currently have a range of Covid-safe Bristol care jobs available – apply here.

To have an informal chat with us about our current range of care employment opportunities across Bristol and how we provide a Covid-safe environment for our care staff and private clients, please contact our Westbury-on-Trym head office on 0117 959 2013 and mention this News post.