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Top tips when looking for a Bristol care job in Covid-19 lockdown

Hints and tips from Premier Homecare when looking for a Bristol care job during the Covid-19 lockdown

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Bristol care job during Covid-19 lockdown

We wanted to share our top tips and some free advice to those looking for a Bristol care job during Covid-19 lockdown, as the demand for care workers increases. It should not be forgotten, at the same time, some serious safety concerns have arisen regarding residential care homes which have resulted in a huge increases in new cases of infection.

There have been reports in the News recently about rises in cases of Covid-19 infections in residential care homes across the UK – see more here.

We were delighted to see last week that the Bristol CCG, a well-respected NHS Trust, gave Premier Homecare significant positive feedback on our safety measures for staff and clients, whilst care industry body the CQC have personally told us our measures and arrangements are safe and well-managed.

This, of course, helps us reaffirm we are doing the right things, as we continue to offer bespoke care to our private clients, as well as offering genuine and solid assurances to our care staff we are prioritising their health and safety during these difficult times.

There are opportunities for home care support jobs across Bristol during Covid-19 lockdown, and we’re seeing an increase in the provision of care at home for some clients, as their needs increase due to lockdown restrictions.

We’ve also been aware that many care workers are looking for home care jobs in Bristol, as it is a very different setting to residential care homes, with quite different safety measures in place.

We wrote a News post recently comparing Residential Care work to Home Care work – please visit here to find out more.

Whilst we are in no way suggesting that working in a residential care home is more dangerous or hazardous than being a support worker for a private client in their own home, some of the figures in the BBC report above do indicate that home care can be seen as lower risk.

Our top tips would be to prepare a series of interview questions for the care service provider to take to interview, and ensure that you get all the answers and reassurance around safety and working in care amid Covid-19 you need.

Here at Premier Homecare, we’re more than happy to answer any queries care assistants may have concerning safety measures, PPE, our current approach to care in the community, and how we are following the guidelines put in place by Public Health England, for the protection of carers and clients.

To review our latest care work vacancies in Bristol, please visit here.

To have an informal chat with us about our current range of Bristol Care Jobs, please ring our Westbury-on-Trym head office on 0117 959 2013 and mention this News post.