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Top tips on Winter home care for the elderly in Bristol

Top tips for Winter home care for the elderly in Bristol from independent home care service provider Premier Homecare

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Temperatures are dropping rapidly now, so we thought it would be useful to pass on some top tips on Winter home care for the elderly in Bristol.

Our care workers and support assistants across BS postcodes are on-hand to guide and advise clients on the best ways of keeping warm this Winter, and to ensure that their homes are providing the warmest, safest environment in these colder months.

Some of the common tips on Winter care for elderly people include the following:

Have extra blankets available in the home

Make sure heating systems are working

Salt any icy pavements around the home

Stock up with fluids, soup, and tins of food

Ensure that all mobile devices are charged

Wear lots of layers and keep heating on

Seek help immediately if feeling cold or unwell

Apply early for the annual Winter Fuel Payment

Ask friends and neighbours to check on elderly people

Certain health conditions and illnesses can also play a detrimental part on elderly people’s ability to stay well and warm during the colder Winter months.

Thyroid problems, for example, can make it difficult to maintain body temperatures, whilst Diabetes can prevent blood from flowing freely around the body.

Parkinson’s Disease and Arthritis can make it difficult for older people to put on additional layers during colder weather, whilst Memory Loss can cause elderly people to go outside without wearing the right clothing for Winter conditions.

The NHS has produced some handy hints on Winter care for elderly people – visit here to find out more.

The Age UK website has a series of handy articles on how to stay well this Winter – please visit here for more information.

To find out more about the Winter Fuel Payment, please visit here.

We would also advise that rather than waiting for a crisis in the home to happen, it would be prudent to forward plan and speak with us now, to ensure you have effective home care in place this Winter for your elderly loved ones.

To have an informal chat about our award-winning care services in Bristol, please feel free to ring our Westbury-on-Trym office on 0117 959 2013.

To get in touch with us and discuss the range of private home care services in Bristol available with Premier Homecare, please contact us here.