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What are the benefits of one-hour-minimum home care visits for our Bristol Homecare Support Workers?

Award-winning Premier Homecare outline the benefits of one-hour-minium home care visits in Bristol for care staff and clients

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One of the most positive and consistent items of feedback we get from our staff is the ongoing benefits available from the one-hour-minimum home care visits we provide to all of our lovely clients.

At Premier Homecare, when we recruit for new care workers to provide ‘Outstanding’ quality support and care to our private client base across the city, our policy of one-hour-minimum home care visits remains popular with carers and clients alike…and for very good reasons.

By introducing minimum one-hour-long care visits, our care staff are not rushing from client to client, which means they can provide an enhanced level of communication, comfort and care to every client as they are with them for at least a full sixty minutes.

We have had some care workers joining us from other care companies in Bristol saying that they spend the majority of their shifts driving, rather than providing client care. This doesn't benefit the carer or the client, and we stringently adhere to our policy of a minimum of one-hour visits.

During the visits, client time is much more focused, which also helps to build further the client-carer relationship. The feedback we get from our clients is so positive.

As well as providing a better level of care through the provision of one-hour-minimum home care visits, our care workers deliver more than just care. This extra time helps improve clients' overall health, by relating to their emotional wellbeing, and in turn reducing loneliness. This is particularly important in lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Of course, our care workers have tasks to undertake and complete within the minimum 60-minute care visit, but all carers will stay with each client for the full hour visit time, even if all the care tasks have been completed.

In some instances, this helps to reduce any clients’ sense of isolation, helps build relationships between clients and carers, and is a very enjoyable part of delivering a quality homecare service.

We have a well-managed and highly-organised system of rotas in place for all our Bristol care workers, to allow the minimum one-hour care visits to take place, without putting undue stress or strain on our teams of carers.

This approach with a minimum of one-hour home care visits improves the working conditions for our carers and goes some way to explaining our very high retention rate of care staff in Bristol. Over 20% of our workforce have been with us for over 10 years, which is an exceptional statistic compared to other domiciliary care providers in Bristol.

Moreover, we provide full training and support as well as excellent benefits to our workers.

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If you're currently working for a care company in Bristol and feel that you're doing more driving than delivery of care, why not get in touch with us today.

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