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Where can I find the best home care job benefits in Bristol?

Advice for support assistants and live-in care workers on how to find the best home care job benefits in Bristol during 2021

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best home care job benefits bristol

The question 'Where can I find the best care job benefits in Bristol?' is one many new applicants ask when they apply for work with us.

One of the main benefits we provide at Premier Homecare for our home care workers in Bristol is to ensure that all our staff are paid for all of their time on their shift, including all travelling time from client to client as well as actual travel costs.

We've heard from care workers joining us that they're not been paid the full hourly rate for travel time, or that they've been paid a reduced rate instead.

At Premier Homecare, we pay all care staff their full hourly rate for travel time in-between client visits, as well as a competitive 45 pence per mile towards petrol and vehicle upkeep and maintenance.

When applying to any home care companies in Bristol, it's always worth checking if they pay the full hourly rate for all travel time between visits.

Another big benefit our care staff enjoy, is being paid from the beginning to the end of each shift.

Sometimes, the time in-between client visits isn't included, which means that a care worker might be on a shift for six hours but only get paid for four hours' client-facing time. This is definitely not the case at Premier Homecare.

We've seen new applications for Bristol care jobs recently coming from people previously working in Retail and Hospitality who are used to getting paid for their entire time on a shift.

We believe that a career in care should be the same, with the same financial rewards for all time spent working on a shift with a private client in their home.

Some new care staff joining us have come from a care home environment, where they have been told that they wouldn't get paid for all their time, but we can confirm that isn't the case with Premier Homecare, as well as being able to highlight that working in the community can be a rewarding and fully-paid job for 2021 and beyond.

There are, of course, genuine concerns new recruits have about their safety during the Covid-19 pandemic.

We have a range of strict safety measures in place, and are constantly reviewing our practices for workers and clients, in line with Government and Public Health England requirements and advice from industry bodies such as the Care Quality Commission.

To also find out about the Covid-safe working environment we provide for all of our care workers in Bristol, please visit here.

To see our full range of current care job opportunities across the city, please visit here.

To have an informal chat with us about our latest Covid-safe home care jobs and live-in care jobs currently available in Bristol, please feel free to ring out Westbury-on-Trym head office on 0117 959 2013 and mention this News post.