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Why do Premier Homecare offer Bristol care workers paid time between calls?

Premier Homecare offers Bristol care workers paid time between calls - find out more here

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Bristol care workers paid between calls

Many new staff joining us often ask ‘why do Premier Homecare offer Bristol care workers paid time between calls?’, so we thought a dedicated News post highlighting the reasons would be useful for our Blog readers.

As a leading independent care company in Bristol, with offices in Westbury-on-Trym and Stoke Hill, we are proud to be one of the first Bristol care providers to pay our care staff for ALL travel and client time at the same carer pay rate.

This means that our care workers get paid for their entire shift, rather than just the client contact time. Travelling time is, after all, part of the shift.

Support workers, care assistants and care workers joining us often comment that other Bristol care companies may on occasions offer a higher hourly rate, but travel time often isn’t included.

Therefore, the overall pay package they receive from Premier Homecare is far superior.

For example, some care workers in other companies travel around Bristol for a high percentage of their time between client calls. This can mean that their client contact time is reduced, the overall shift then becomes less worthwhile, and the money being paid to them is far less than at Premier Homecare.

This can be a real problem for some Bristol care workers working with other providers, especially if their geographical area during a shift is large and involves multiple client calls.

It’s worth asking how many client calls you are expected to undertake during a shift, whether all time is paid for, and what hourly rates are paid for travel time and client time.

We recently wrote about higher pay rates for all of our care workers in Bristol form April onwards – find out more about it here.

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