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Why our live-in care services across Bristol offer Covid-safe client care

Update from award-winning Premier Homecare on why our live-in care services across Bristol offer Covid-safe client care

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Covid-safe live-in care services Bristol

Clearly, as with most of us, many of our clients have been worried about Covid-19 in recent months, and as a result we’ve seen a rise in demand for our live-in care services in Bristol.

Relatives of elderly people are worried that having been in a position to provide additional support and care to their loved ones during lockdown, now that they are returning to work, providing a high level of care is becoming more difficult.

It’s also fair to say that some clients are worried about a potential second wave of Covid-19 hitting the region at some point in 2020, and are looking to access the very best live-in care services in Bristol now, to help assist their loved ones during the Autumn and Winter months.

Live-in care services represent a good option for many clients, as there are a reduced number of carers within a client’s home – usually just two on rotation during the month and therefore reducing the risk of Covid-19 virus entering the home.

Premier Homecare also offers a high level of safety and works within set industry guidelines and government protocols. This ensures the best possible, Covid-safe care services are provided in Bristol.

In fact, to date, there have been no positive Covid-19 tests received from any of our private clients across Bristol, since the outbreak first began.

Tanya Skehens heads up our Live-In Care Services Department, and recently celebrated her 10-year work anniversary with us here at Premier Homecare. Her level of expertise and superb management of carers are unrivalled.

We’ve also heard from some private clients who have a preference for local live-in carers. If requested by our clients, Premier Homecare will do its utmost to recruit locally-based live-in care staff.

Our experienced, local live-in care workers know the area well, and live typically in Bristol postcodes. This local knowledge really helps build trust and understanding, and aids local-based conversations between the client and carer.

Live-in care services across Bristol from Premier Homecare provide our clients with an award-winning level of care, delivered in the familiar surroundings of their own home, which is particularly vital for those suffering from memory problems, or who are anxious about the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Our live-in care services also provide consistency and emotional security for clients, helping to give real peace of mind to them and their loved ones on a daily basis, whilst still allowing our lovely clients to retain an appropriate level of independence.

Premier Homecare provides highly flexible packages of live-in care services. Each client is visited prior to the start of care and support and an individual, bespoke assessment of the client’s needs and preferences are undertaken. The client’s requirements are taken fully into account and appropriate carers are selected and introduced.

We only employ live-in care workers in Bristol after full DBS checks, and provide ongoing training and support to all our staff, as well as a fully managed live-in care service.

We recently wrote a useful news post, outlining the ways to access the best Live-In Care services – visit here to find out more.

To have an informal chat with us about our Covid-safe live-in care services in Bristol, please ring our Westbury-on-Trym head office on 0117 959 2013 and speak to Tanya, mentioning this News post.