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Convalescence and Respite Care

There may be times you feel you need help following a stay in hospital or a period of ill-health. This may be on a temporary basis whilst you recuperate or could be a more permanent arrangement. Whatever the situation, we will be more than happy to discuss your thoughts and requirements with you.

Our Respite Care Team has a wealth of experience in helping to ensure your discharge from hospital goes as smoothly as possible. This includes offering advice and highlighting issues to discuss with members of the hospital team before discharge.

Our Homecare Team is here to assist and support you during your recovery. Whether you require assistance with personal care or domestic tasks such as cleaning, laundry or shopping or just a change of scenery…we’re here to help.

Services that compliment this...

Housekeeping Duties

The management of duties and chores in the home; we are here to support you to keep your home in order, if necessary help you make it safer, more comfortable and easier to live in.

Meal Management

We recognise the part good nutrition plays in maintaining everyday health and vigour. Our services range from planning, buying, preparing, and cooking your food. Our carers can if required, also support you in a sensitive manner, if eating is particularly difficult.