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Dementia Care and Support Bristol

At Premier Homecare we understand whilst some symptoms are common to many people living with dementia, each person’s experience of the disease and how they cope with it will be unique to that individual.

When a person with dementia finds that their memory and reasoning are declining, they're likely to feel anxious, stressed and scared; naturally this can be very frustrating and upsetting for them. A person with dementia, can be helped to feel more secure by creating a regular, safe, daily routine in a relaxed environment, where they are encouraged and not criticised.

Involving the person with dementia in everyday tasks may make that person feel useful and improve their sense of self-worth; however, we respect and understand as their dementia progresses, these tasks may become harder for them to manage independently….that is why Premier Homecare is on hand to provide additional support when the time or need arises.

Our approach in supporting someone living with dementia (and of course, their family) is to offer continued support in a sensitive and non-critical manner. At Premier Homecare we appreciate it can be very important for the person with dementia to feel they are still of worth and valued.

Examples of our approach when caring for someone with dementia are:

  • We’ll try to do things with the person, and not just do things for them.
  • We’ll be very patient-giving them plenty of time, supporting and caring for the person with reassurance and encouragement.
  • We’ll help the person to achieve small, manageable tasks, thereby helping to raise their self-esteem.
  • We’ll think through ways to make things a little easier for the person living with dementia. For example, for someone in the early stages of dementia we may look at using memory aids around the home to help the person remember.

Many people with dementia will still enjoy their hobbies or interests. Our carers are able to become involved in these whether it is accompany a person on a walk, or provide companionship and interaction by participating in a familiar board game, or looking through old family photographs.

If the person with dementia was previously very sociable and outgoing, or if they have a large family, they may really enjoy visits at home from one or two family members or friends-we can help organise these visits, and liaise with family and friends.

Premier Homecare's Dementia Care Team can:

  • Help someone living with dementia with everyday tasks in a safe environment
  • Maintain good health and nutrition in someone with dementia
  • Help deal with incontinence issues
  • Assist with washing, bathing or showering
  • Help with dressing and personal grooming
  • Make or change beds
  • Assist with preparation and assistance at meal times
  • Provide companionship and interaction

Importantly, we can also help those caring for someone with dementia. This role can be difficult at times as family members and friends try to come to terms with the effects dementia has on them. Having regular outside support from Premier Homecare to allow the carer of a person with dementia to take a break can help the carer retain healthy life-balance and have a better relationship with the person they are caring for.

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