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General Healthcare & Well-being at Home

Do you worry about health problems? We can offer comprehensive support with all your health and personal needs...let us help you cope better with life and the daily challenges it brings.

We live in an ageing society; older people need a safe environment to live life to the full...we can support you to live an active fulfilling life but still provide you with choice and control.

Sometimes making decisions can be difficult...we offer a range of different types of support to help take the stress out of your life. We can:

  • Liaise with Doctors, District Nurses and Pharmacies on your behalf
  • Arrange and accompany you on Dental or Hospital Appointments
  • Help to maximise mobility...liaise with health professionals such as Occupational Therapists for aids and equipment
  • Liaise with Chiropodists and Podiatrists on your behalf
  • Help to motivate you with exercising...nutrition and safety

Services that compliment this...

Companionship Services at Home

We recognise loneliness can be a huge challenge for older people as they may become more isolated later in life. As people grow older, they may begin to lose more of their friends and neighbours, maybe their spouse or partner. These losses can inevitably limit the contact and social interaction elderly people might experience.

Shopping Services

Problems with daily or weekly shopping? This is a common problem for many of our clients. Whether you want someone to do your shopping for you or someone to take you shopping, Premier Homecare are here to help.