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Housekeeping Duties

The management of duties and chores in the home; we are here to support you to keep your home in order, if necessary help you make it safer, more comfortable and easier to live in. Whether cooking or laundry, cleaning and shopping; we will maintain the standards you expect in your own home.

We can support you with:

  • Keeping your house in good order
  • Helping you with the shopping and other amenities
  • Social activities...keeping busy
  • Generally getting out and about...a change of scenery
  • Helping with administrative duties

Services that compliment this...

Medication Management

Medication management can be confusing...can we help you? Ranging from help with ordering repeat medication from your GP to administering your tablets or creams.

General Healthcare & Well-being at Home

Looking after your health and getting the most out of life? We can work hand in hand with you to help you achieve general well-being; we can help you to be comfortable, secure and safe, healthy and happy in your home. With Premier Homecare you have our assurances you will receive the best possible care.