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Out & About Social Activities

Your careworker will be able to take you to, or accompany you on, visits of your choice ... clubs, shopping, a trip to the local garden centre or sporting activities such as swimming or going to the gym.

Holiday Care

Wanting to take a break? Needing a holiday? We can accompany you, either in the UK or abroad; from long weekends to several weeks away. We have previously accompanied clients, on holidays to Wales, Florida, Spain and even on a cruise around the Norwegian Fjords. Just ask - we are more than happy to consider your request or discuss options open to you. If you are a main carer, it is often difficult to get away and find suitable and reliable cover, providing peace of mind. Alternatively, our care workers can come away with you, allowing you a break and the opportunity to enjoy your holiday together.

Services that compliment this...

Night Care Support

Our night care services are divided into 2 categories, depending on your needs...helping you feel secure and safe in the knowledge our night care workers are on hand for you.

Companionship Services at Home

We recognise loneliness can be a huge challenge for older people as they may become more isolated later in life. As people grow older, they may begin to lose more of their friends and neighbours, maybe their spouse or partner. These losses can inevitably limit the contact and social interaction elderly people might experience.