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Personal Home Care Support service

A Premier Homecare careworker will be able to care for you in your own home offering personal care such as helping you to get up in the morning, help with washing, bathing, showering, toileting, support with continence care, help with dressing, bed-making and helping you go to bed at night.

Personal Home Care Support service

  • Supporting with your morning routine
  • Help with washing, bathing or showering
  • Help with shaving and oral hygiene
  • Skin and pressure area monitoring and care
  • Toileting and/or support with continence care
  • Dressing and personal grooming
  • Bed-making or changing
  • Supporting you with your bedtime routine

We recognise it can be difficult to ask for help in this area; we would reassure you all of our staff are selected and trained to ensure your care is carried out in a discreet and professional manner respecting your privacy and dignity. Moreover, our Carers are all trained in the latest safe techniques to physically assist throughout personal care and will help you to maintain your modesty at a level they feel comfortable with.

We provide visits ranging from 1 hour to 24 hours a day, depending upon your requirements.

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General Healthcare & Well-being at Home

Looking after your health and getting the most out of life? We can work hand in hand with you to help you achieve general well-being; we can help you to be comfortable, secure and safe, healthy and happy in your home. With Premier Homecare you have our assurances you will receive the best possible care.

Companionship Services at Home

We recognise loneliness can be a huge challenge for older people as they may become more isolated later in life. As people grow older, they may begin to lose more of their friends and neighbours, maybe their spouse or partner. These losses can inevitably limit the contact and social interaction elderly people might experience.