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Corona Virus and private home care services in Bristol – an announcement from Premier Homecare

Update from award-winning home care company Premier Homecare on Corona Virus and private care services in Bristol

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Corona Virus and private care services in Bristol

The impact of Corona Virus and private home care services in Bristol has come under the spotlight, and the management team at Premier Homecare wanted to make the following announcement for our clients and all staff.

We are reviewing and updating our stringent health and hygiene measures, and are ensuring that all care services in Bristol provided by us are fully in accordance with official guidelines being issued and updated daily.

The situation with Corona Virus is a fast-moving and fluid one, and we don’t want to publish dated guidance or advice that might confuse or mis-lead.

We therefore recommend that clients and carers visit the following websites:

NHS information and advice

Latest statements from Public Health England

We’d like to reassure our clients, carers and head office staff that their physical and mental health is, as always, our top priority.

We appreciate that the Corona Virus outbreak is concerning, and that this may be heightened in the elderly and more vulnerable parts of the population.

It’s critical for the management team at Premier Homecare to give our utmost assurances to our clients, their families and advocates, as well as our care teams and office staff, that we have controls and contingency measures in place to help protect them as best we can, and will closely monitor any changes to the situation as it develops on a daily basis in Bristol.

All staff training at Premier Homecare around infection prevention and control is current, and up-to-date.

We are also providing regular updates via email to clients and our staff, all of which have been received and will continue to receive, training on infection prevention and control.

To get in touch with us and discuss how Premier Homecare are protecting our clients and carers during this time, please contact us here.