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How can I combat Winter Pressure and find the best home care in Bristol for my relatives?

Advice from leading care provider Premier Homecare on finding the best Winter home care in Bristol for relatives

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A common question the helpdesk team at Premier Homecare get asked from November to February is “How do I combat Winter Pressure and find the best home care in Bristol for my relatives”.

Winter Pressure is a common term used to describe additional stress put on the NHS over the Winter period, as demand increases significantly with the onset of cold weather and related illnesses such as flu and pneumonia.

Read more about the NHS and Winter Pressure here.

This can be a difficult time of year for the elderly and their relatives, especially when it comes to finding short-notice or emergency home care services in Bristol to provide additional levels of care in the home for older people.

The main impact of Winter Pressure is that there is not enough care available, and NHS resources as well as private care services across the city can be stretched from November to March, with increased lead-in times for clients.

As a leading home care provider in Bristol, our advice would be to plan ahead, and start thinking about care services for relatives as soon as possible.

At this time of year, many clients have relatives to visit during Christmas and the New Year, and it is often during these visits they fully appreciate how frail and fragile older relatives are. We often come across people at this time of year who are struggling to find placements with quality home care services – despite having made numerous calls to care providers. Planning ahead is the key aspect to consider prior to the Winter months.

Health emergencies and crises are often more acute in colder months, and there are generally more calls from people during this time of year to our helpdesk team. We advise relatives to plan well ahead for home care help.

At Premier Homecare there are standard checks and processes which must be completed to ensure a high-quality level of care is provided in the home. This includes personal assessments to draw up bespoke Care Plans for each client.

As an award-winning provider of independent home care services in Bristol, we recently launched a unique Rapid Start Team service to help address the burgeoning need for a faster and more effective home care service for clients. Read all about the Rapid Start Team care service here.

If you’re considering urgent home care services for a relative in Bristol this Winter, why not get in touch with our professional team of support staff.

We can help guide and advise you, and get a package of care in place from January onwards, to help give you peace of mind and provide consistent home care for a relative or loved one during the Winter months.

To have an informal chat about our award-winning home care services in Bristol, please ring our Westbury-on-Trym office on 0117 959 2013.

To get in touch with us and discuss the range of independent care services in Bristol available with Premier Homecare, please contact us here.