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How do Premier Homecare compare to other Bristol care providers?

How do award-winning Premier Homecare compare to other Bristol care providers? Find out here!

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We often find new private clients asking our management team ‘How do Premier Homecare compare to other Bristol care providers?’. There are a few key facts regarding our home care and live-in care services we highlight.

One of the first things our private clients focus on is our ‘Outstanding’ rating by industry regulatory body the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

Whilst many Bristol care companies might have an overall CQC rating of ‘Good’, this might still mean there are areas which need improvement. We always recommend that private clients read an entire CQC report to ensure they get a full picture of the care company in Bristol they are researching.

You can read the CQC’s report from their latest inspection of our care services in Bristol here.

Premier Homecare is in the top 2% of home care providers across the UK, with an Outstanding rating in the ‘Safe’ category and the only home care company in Bristol with this Outstanding rating for ‘Safe’.

We wrote in detail about our superb top rating recently in a News post – visit here to find out more.

The CQC also inspects and reviews adult social care housing, including hospitals and mental health care providers, so it’s a fantastic resource to utilise online.

To find out more about the informative work of the CQC within the care industry, please visit here.

We have specific, trained individuals who deal with all potential private client enquiries, to give detailed professional advice over the phone.

We have heard of care companies in Bristol that do not offer this level of customer knowledge and service, but having been established as a private and independent care provider for more than 15 years, our infrastructure is well defined. We know the importance of experience.

Another area in which we stand out from some Bristol care companies is we always do a full assessment of a client in their home, to gain a full and thorough understanding of their care requirements, to ensure we produce a detailed Care Plan they are happy with.  

To read reviews from past and current private clients who are delighted with our outstanding care services in Bristol, please visit here.

To find out more about the full range of services we offer as a Bristol care provider, please visit here.

To have an informal chat about our live-in care services, please feel free to ring our Canford Lane HQ in Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol on 0117 959 2013.